Hi everyone! Are you having trouble with data? Need to figure out that grade you're going to get? Well, here's the thingamabobby for you! Enter your numbers separated with commas, and you'll get your mean, median, and mode. Don't forget to scroll down. DO NOT USE ON HOMEWORK! :)
Hi everyone! We see in the comments of our last post that someone wants to know what Fibonacci numbers are. Now, it is hard to explain in text, but we've found some nice videos to help you figure it out. Watch them in order for best 'effect'..   ._. Anyways don't worry, these are fun to watch, so..go on.
   With ideas from: Nhend! Yeah, yeah, I know it's summertime, and everybody is either looking forward to going back to school, or NOT looking forward to going back to school. Personally, I will be happy to go back to school, meet new kids, and having a good schedule. There's one thing I'm not so excited about...HOMEWORK. It seems whichever subject, whichever day it still seems to get in my way, somehow. Now, I won't be able to update the blog as much I have lately when we go back to school. But I will dedicate a good amount of time trying to help you with anything you can't figure out! Just put in the comments below what you need help with, I will try to put it up in at least a week after it is posted. Anything you need help with I will research and do my best to figure it out. Also, I will be featuring some great books to read on this page too!